The Basic Set-Up: Motorcycle Apparel that’s Perfect for Beginners

November 19th, 2020 by

When you first start riding motorcycles, you don’t want to have to think about anything but the road. But if your gear isn’t right, you might get distracted by cold hands, road debris stinging your legs, or other things from which good gear could have protected you. Before you ever get on your bike, it’s important to make sure you’re equipped for whatever the road may throw at you. This short guide will cover what basics you need to have on hand, and why they’re important for motorcycle riding. If you need MotorClothes® or are in the market for your first bike, stop by Powder Keg Harley-Davidson®. We’re located in Mason, Ohio near Cincinnati, Springfield, Hamilton, and Fairfield, Ohio and we help new riders get set up the right way.

Motorcycle safety equipment starts with the helmet and it’s something you really can’t afford to skimp on. Helmets are divided up into groups based on how much of the head they cover. Helmets that cover less of the head tend to have better ventilation but offer significantly less protection, and vice versa. Most motorcycle companies will recommend a full face helmet because they offer the best protection in a crash. Regardless of what type of helmet you choose, make sure it is at minimum certified by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and if possible, look for helmets with a Snell rating. Snell is an independent testing organization that puts helmets through rigorous testing which tends to demonstrate the helmet is of a high quality in terms of crash safety.

Riding gloves aren’t just for looking cool. If you’re riding in cooler weather, gloves will keep your fingers warm and dextrous so you can use all of your bike’s controls with ease. Gloves are helpful for riding in hot weather, too, since they help you keep grip even when your hands are soaked with sweat. The best gloves use shielding on the outside of the fingers to help protect the hands from rocks and other road debris.

Regardless of the weather, you’ll want to wear boots. “But what if it’s hot?” you might ask. Even when the heat is sweltering, boots will pay dividends. In many bikes, heat from the engine will flow off into your feet and legs, but boots will help to protect you. Boots also provide an extremely good base to plant from when you need to pull up to a stop. God forbid you tip your bike over, boots are the best footwear for helping to right it again. Having slightly sweatier feet is a small price to pay for protection.

Riding Jacket
A good quality riding jacket is indispensable in all types of weather. Your jacket will serve multiple purposes. First of all, like any jacket, it will keep you warm when it’s cool out and the wind is driving into you. It will also protect you from road rash should your bike go into a slide. (This is why many people choose leather for riding jackets.) Another less-known purpose for a riding jacket is that it will help to prevent you from sun and windburn. Especially when riding in warmer weather, it’s crucial to have some barrier between hot wind and light which can make your body temperature skyrocket.

Riding Pants
Wearing pants while you ride will help to protect you from road debris, engine heat, sunburn, windburn, and a whole bunch of other annoying problems you can have on a bike. You may not want to always wear pants while riding, especially when it’s hot out, but the trade off is a necessary one.

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